Kernerman DICTIONARY News Number 27 July 2019

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Kernerman DICTIONARY News  Number 27  July 2019
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         Lexicala API: A new era in dictionary data | Ilan Kernerman and Dorielle Lonke

         K Dictionaries & Lexicala Workshops

         Abstracts from the Globalex Workshop on Lexicography and Neologism

o   Linguistics terminology and neologisms in Swahili: Rules vs. practice
| Gilles-Maurice de Schryver and Jutta De Nul

o   Beyond frequency: On the dictionarisation of new words in Spanish | Judit Freixa and Sergi Torner

o   New words for the Duden | Kathrin Kunkel-Razum

o   New Estonian words and senses: Detection and description
| Margit Langemets, Jelena Kallas, Kaisa Norak and Indrek Hein

o   A system for evaluating multiple data inputs to prioritize neologisms for inclusion in dictionaries
| Katherine Connor Martin

o   Using the web annotation tool for neologism collection | Erin McKean

o   The Korean Neologism Investigation Project: Current status and key issues
| Kilim Nam, Sujin Lee and Hae-Yun Jung

o   New words in Japanese and the design of UniDic electronic dictionary | Teruaki Oka

o   Adding neologisms to the Hebrew online dictionary Rav-Milim | Noga Porath

o   The formation of neologisms in a lesser used language: The case of Frisian
| Hindrik Sijens and Hans Van de Velde

o   Anglicisms and language-internal neologisms: Dealing with new words and expressions in The Danish Dictionary | Lars Trap-Jensen

o   Exploring criteria for the inclusion of trademarks in general language dictionaries of Modern Greek
| Anna Vacalopoulou

o   Neologisms in a Dutch online portal | Vivien Waszink

         K DICTIONARIES & LEXICALA Seminar at EURALEX 2018


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