Re: [bpmlod] type of LRs resources for the guidelines

Hi Jorge,

I can confirm that I can make a start on the TM/parallel text guidelines.

For terminology, perhaps we need to wait for the LD4LT discussion to 
surface a clearer set of use cases before putting too much effort ito 

Corpora is a big area, perhaps we could break this down into text 
corpora and multimedia/multimodal corpora? Engaging with the acadmic 
practice of evluation campaigns might be a good way to understand what 
needed here, though again some clearer idea of use cases is still 
needed, especially for industrial applications of differetn corpora. 
Another one to feed back to the LD4LT group for more input perhaps?


On 22/05/2014 16:51, Jorge Gracia wrote:
> Dear all,
> You can find here the (draft) minutes of today's telco at 
> With regard to the discussion about topics for the "guidelines on 
> Language resources LD generation", several resource types were 
> mentioned in the telco:
> - WordNets
> - BabelNet
> - Bilingual dictionaries
> - Translation memory/parallel text
> - Corpus
> - ...
> We also agreed on following a bottom-up approach, i.e., to put in 
> common the guidelines followed to cover particular resources and, 
> then, identify commonalities and describe them in more general documents.
> Now we have to decide who is volunteering, and if some of the 
> resources mentioned above can be grouped, or split, or new ones 
> identified, ...
> To make the discussion more efficient I created a space in the wiki
> Feel free to edit it!
> Regards,
> Jorge
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