ITS IG call: moving to 5 February

Hi ITS IG people with CC to the bpmlod CG,

I am too busy this week to prepare an ITS IG call; I hope that people 
can make 5 February 13:00 UTC

Topics would be (see CC):

1) work in the bpmlod group and its relation to the ITS work (20 min). 
Is there a volunteer to present that?

Other topics are not secret but the bpmlod people don't have to join.
2) MLW-LT project review preparations (20 min)
3) Latest state of data categories intros (10 min)
4) AOB (10 min)

Dial in info is at
IRC channel will be #i18nits

- Felix

Received on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 12:51:48 UTC