Re: [bpmlod] introductions

Dear Community Group members,

My name is Gavin Brelstaff (PhD in Computer Science, University of 
Edinburgh). I am senior researcher at CRS4 a research centre in 
Sardinia, Italy. I work on client-side, dynamic linking between semantic 
elements in parallel texts. Linking-by-verabtim is an alignment 
technique that I explore, e.g.
<span equiv="la:cogito_ergo_sum" xml:lang="en">I think therefore I 
I am co-author, with Francesca Chessa (Univ. of Sassari) of two 
presentations at recent MLW-W3C workshops (Pisa[1], Rome[2]) - most 
recently examining linking to spoken audio - with emphasis on Timed-Text 
Markup. and HTML5 audio.




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