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F2F in Paris

From: Marta Piekarska <marta@blockstream.io>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 11:22:20 +0000
Message-Id: <8A721071-BC58-41E1-9CCD-5D8AB2B41898@blockstream.io>
To: public-blockchain@w3.org
Dear all
I would like to update you on the Paris f2f meeting.

Date: 24th of April, Monday

Place: space provided by CANTON. Details to be filled in by Jean-Yves Rossi

It should be a hands on, polishing off the usecase documents we have. I would like to spend half a day getting it into final states and merging into a single document. 

Second half should be discussion of priorities, discussion of what use cases we should absolutely avoid. 

We don't have any sponsors to pay for the meals/catering so in the middle of the day we will step out to get some food probably. Also I'd imagine that we can go for dinner together afterwards. 

Please feel free to invite people from outside of the group. The more the better.

ACTION ITEM: please confirm your attendance- we need a rough headcount.

Have a good day

Security Architect @ Blockstream 


+491703311307 (Germany)
+14159608938 (U.S)
Signal, Wickr (martap). 

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