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Re: proposal to change mission statement

From: Lemieux, Victoria <v.lemieux@ubc.ca>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:49:49 +0000
To: Wayne Vaughan <wayne@tierion.com>
CC: Mountie Lee <mountie@paygate.net>, Blockchain CG <public-blockchain@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3242678E-F9D8-4271-A9C0-6E13DF53157D@mail.ubc.ca>
Hi All, Apologies that I have been out of touch lately - I had some urgent travel come up . . .

Comments on the mission statement:

1. I like the original version below, but think we could also add “To consider how blockchain standards can leverage or inter-operate with existing W3C standards”
2. Although I am sympathetic with the spirit of integreting blockchain payments and integration of wallet technology into browsers and other apps, I actually don’t agree that the PRIMARY use case for blockchains is payments.  This may become more obvious as we gather together specific use cases.
3. I agree that it will be helpful to start systematically capturing/developing a blockchain terminological database.
4. We may also want to consider other standard making initiatives, e.g., the aforementioned ISO Blockchain standard initiative, and how our work can leverage/support/fill gaps.

Best wishes,

On Sep 20, 2016, at 7:38 AM, Wayne Vaughan <wayne@tierion.com<mailto:wayne@tierion.com>> wrote:

I'd like to make two suggestions.

1) The primary use case for blockchains is payments.  I propose the mission statement include something about payments. Example:  To develop standards around blockchain payments and integration of wallet technology into browsers and other apps.

2) There is a lot of hype and confusion about blockchain technology.  The very definition of blockchain is in question to many. I propose the mission statement include something about clarifying the confusion.  Example: To maintain a set of definitions of blockchain technologies, explore emerging blockchain technologies and provide analysis on their utility vs existing technologies."

I recognize that second recommendation may fall outside the traditional role of the W3C.  However I think it's worth considering given the state of the industry.



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On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 9:07 AM, Mountie Lee <mountie@paygate.net<mailto:mountie@paygate.net>> wrote:

let me re-post proposal to change mission statement
at CG homepage (https://www.w3.org/community/blockchain/)

I don't know decision making procedure of CG.
but anyway

current statement is as following

"The mission of the the Blockchain Community Group is to generate message format standards of Blockchain based on ISO20022 and to generate guidelines for usage of storage including torrent, public blockchain, private blockchain, side chain and CDN. This group will study and evaluate new technologies related to blockchain, and use cases such as interbank communications."

and the suggestion is as following

The mission of the Blockchain Community Group is to unleash blockchain to
its full potential by working in the areas, but not limited, to the

  *   To develop the standard protocols of blockchain to interconnect other
networks and services across the industries used for financial
transactions, mobile operations, autonomous devices, and etc.
  *   To develop the guidelines for the use of storage technology including
torrent, different chain species, CDN, and etc.
  *   To study and possibly to develop standard procedures to evaluate the
technological variants of blockchain.
  *   To explore use cases to help dreamers, visionaries and entrepreneurs
to expand the technology to unexploited realms and territories.
  *   To foster the collaborations and communication of world blockchain
engineering and business community.

and the discussion history is at https://blockchaincg.atlassian.net/browse/BT-8

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