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release 0.7.1 and Scala eXchange 2014

From: <henry.story@bblfish.net>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 11:26:15 +0100
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Cc: Antonio Garrote <antoniogarrote@gmail.com>, Auli Kütt <auli@ouishare.net>
To: Public Banana-RDF <public-banana-rdf@w3.org>

   I have been given an hour to talk at Scala eXchange on December 9,

"Building a Secure Distributed Social Web using Scala & Scala-JS"

Of course that means that the core of the talk will be banana-rdf, as it
is the most mature project - compared to rww-play. I'll be showing how
Java people tend to write RDF code, how they have to either choose betwen
Jena or Sesame, neither with very appealing APIs, and then how banana-rdf
allows one to write generic RDF code without loss of efficiency ( with  
the proviso of  issue 195 that sticks out like a sore thumb for this 
argument [2] ) and a nice DSL.

Then of course I'll explain the problem of writing a distributed social web
in the browser. So we'll look at client code. The same problems will appear
there as on the server: one has the problem of choosing libraries such as 
rdflib or rdfstore. That will bring me to rdfstorew, and how it helps us 
write the same code on the client and the server in banana-rdf, and say
if someone wrote an rdflib-banana wrapper to swith between both depending
on the needs. Perhaps we'll have a little time for Antonio to come up on 
stage here.

 At some point we'll be showing the layout structure of banana-rdf so
Alistair will come up on stage to explain his work there. Hopefully
we'll have the test js and idk suites merged into one, and we can show 
that banana-rdf passes test suites on 200 different browsers. :-)

  In the process I'll also explain how React works, how it can be used
with react-js and what still needs to be done.

  The day after the talk we will have a Workshop organised with the help 
of OuiShare labs [3] so that people who want to touch the code can do
so with some guidance from us. I expect that workshop to fill up mostly after
my talk, as most people won't know about the possibilities offered by
the banana until then.

  I am also in the process of organising something with Imperial 
College London, so that we can present to students our work there too.
Perhaps we will also have a workshop there too....

  So as you can see the next 2 weeks are going to be extreemly
busy. It would be good if we can get a few 0.7.1 SNAPSHOT releases
out, and if possible a 0.7.1 release by the time of the conference.

  Anton if you can keep up the work on the documentation that would
be great. Consider that after the talk we should have a video and some
slides too, and hopefully a bunch more users.

  Btw. I also presented banana-rdf at INRIA Sophia Antipolis
last week and I think there was some real interest there in a 
banana-CORESE [4], Corese being the reasoner they developed there
and they they tune for all their work there, including some intriguing
work on linked rules...


[1] https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/1948-scala-exchange-2014#program
[2] https://github.com/w3c/banana-rdf/issues/195
[3] http://ouishare.net/en/events/ouishare-labs-scala-ld-workshop
[4] https://github.com/w3c/banana-rdf/issues/196
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