Re: Virtual introductions re ODRL usage in the automotive world...

Hi Ted, the CG is in the process of updating the implementation page as we migrate back after the WG effort to produce the W3C Recs.

Have a look at the 3 implementations mentioned in the CR report: <>

We will be appointing (next week) a new Co-Chair of the CG to manage the ODRL Developers community.


> On 18 Jul 2018, at 01:58, Ted Guild <> wrote:
> Thank you Renato.
> In addition to profile example I as was Rudi wondering how widely ODRL
> is implemented. I found your page for CG group and wonder if there are
> any updates in the last few years.
> We have a proof of concept from two companies that handles mechanics
> using Oauth to capture consent and enforce access limitations however I
> feel we may need a policy language for when we are faced with various
> scenarios like accessing information from multiple data providers,
> portability of data from one provider to another, transference of
> access rights to a new party.

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