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> I continue to have meetings with potential stakeholders in payments
> from connected vehicles. Today I attended a Vision Task Force meeting
> for the Web Payments Interest Group where several potential activities
> they will take up were discussed. There will be subsequent calls with
> at least one with more considerable time concerning automotive and a
> F2F meeting in Chicago on 22 March.
> My other conversations, no minutes unfortunately, have been favorable
> and showing tremendous interest in this area. Presently I am hoping to
> finalize a key organization who's participation will likely be very
> beneficial in framing the initial scope of work.
> Web Payments from Connected Vehicles would be a Task Force in the
> Automotive Webplatform Business Group, initially working on detailed
> use cases likely followed by suggesting generalized requirements for
> Web Payments standards. There may be separate Auto-specific standards
> and guidelines that could be started in the BG.
> Previously I have asked if there is interest in this space from your
> respective organizations to let me know. Feel free to do so on the list
> or privately, making introductions to appropriate people I should talk
> with. Similarly recommend and introduce other organizations that you
> believe would be worth involving.

​I'd look at blockchain technology, particularly the Hyperledger project
from the Linux Foundation. There is a ton of activity there around smart
contracts and other use cases that overlap the use cases I see from your

Note that cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) are only one type of use of
the blockchain. Smart contracts and payments have received significant
investment and are seeing deployment. There are mature projects there now
with REST APIs and IoT transports so this would likely be low hanging


Jeremiah ​

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