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Minutes for RSI Call today (Asia/Europe Friendly)

From: 이원석 <wonsuk.lee@etri.re.kr>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2017 08:57:33 +0000
To: "public-autowebplatform@w3.org" <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>, Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>
CC: Paul Boyes <Paul.Boyes@inrix.com>, Qing An <anqing.aq@alibaba-inc.com>, "Bartsch, Patrick, Dr. (I/EE-511)" <patrick.bartsch@audi.de>, "Gunnar Andersson" <gandersson@genivi.org>
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Hi. All.
Below is the minutes of RSI call today. PatrickB, Gunnar and I were joined.
Ted, today meeting is Asia/Europe Friendly call. But it seems WebEx configuration is strange as it was scheduled for +9hrs from the meeting time of today. Could you check that?

[00:31] <PatrickB> I wanted to line out that in order to get the RSI spec into a DRAFT, we need to do some organizational work.
[00:31] <PatrickB> First we need to discuss what we want to DRAFT, if not all.
[00:31] <PatrickB> Second we need to find timing
[00:32] <PatrickB> As a group, we at Volkswagen / Audi could easily put the latest and greatest internal Version (1.8.0) on the table, but we would love to have a discussion and make the extensions we made a common W3C agreement
[00:33] <PatrickB> We also expect the W3C group to throw in their expertise, because we think it would be very valuable for the spec
[00:34] <PatrickB> The docs are on github already: https://github.com/w3c/automotive-bg/tree/gh-pages/rsi

[00:34] <wonsuk> wow
[00:35] <wonsuk> https://w3c.github.io/automotive-bg/rsi/protocol/index.html

[00:36] <wonsuk> rendering version in browser
[00:36] <PatrickB> +1 for Wondsuk ;)
[00:36] <PatrickB> Wonsuk
[00:37] <wonsuk> Yes
[00:37] <PatrickB> So, we would need to ask the group how to proceed with the spec and the way to the DRAFT
[00:38] <PatrickB> I addition, I put quite some effort into the server recently. I put it under continuous integration, I added documentation and did some refactoring for people to write plugins more easily
[00:39] <PatrickB> While the intention was NOT to build a framework in it self, it turned out to become one, at least within the volkswagen group ;)
[00:39] <gunnarx> PatrickB - a question on the format of AND vs. OR queries:  Is this standard in other REST interfaces or specific to this specification?
[00:39] <PatrickB> I would love to add some more media functionality as described in the issues : https://github.com/wzr1337/rsiServer/issues

[00:41] <PatrickB> gunnarx - this is our interpretation, there is no RULE, but reading a url in the following way seems reasonable to us:
[00:41] <gunnarx> ok, clear
[00:42] <wonsuk> I think this doc is only one part. right?
[00:42] <wonsuk> protocol
[00:42] <PatrickB> GET /medialibrary/tracks/?name=somename&rating=5    => giv me everything that carries name somename AND rating 5.. because of the ampersand meaning AND
[00:43] <PatrickB> Wonsuk - you find the services under the "service" folder
[00:43] <wonsuk> yes!
[00:45] <PatrickB> Does the server and its functionality help to get an understanding of the API? Does the server need extension? Is it valuable for the discussion towards the DRAFT, to add client implementation too? If so, which language is referred? I could do #flutterio, iOS or Android, even HTML5 would be possible.
[00:46] <PatrickB> "/s/referred/preferred"
[00:47] <wonsuk> okay.
[00:48] <gunnarx> As always, I would love to try to separate the data model and protocol.  This spec is for the protocol, but are there opportunities for generating code from this knowledge + some kind of data file describing the available data resources, the API of the given domain?
[00:48] <PatrickB> we do that
[00:48] <gunnarx> significant parts of server and/or client are code generated?
[00:48] <PatrickB> the service definition are not meant to be part of the spec
[00:49] <gunnarx> Can you point me to example of the service definition files?
[00:49] <PatrickB> yes, i have tools that can generate a plugin from a so called schema.json
[00:49] <PatrickB> the entire service specs are generated aswell
[00:50] <PatrickB>  we need to make the schema files public. I will do within the next days/weeks, because I think it helps the discussion
[00:50] <PatrickB> the protocol part is NOT generated, just some examples in there
[00:50] <gunnarx> Maybe just some that are mentioned as example in the protocol spec, so the connection is clear
[00:50] <PatrickB> the sevrice definitions are
[00:51] <PatrickB> yes that is exactly what I am gonna do
[00:51] <PatrickB> I can put them next to the index on github?
[00:51] <PatrickB> index.hmtl i mean?
[00:51] <PatrickB> BTW: https://w3c.github.io/automotive-bg/rsi/service/media/index.html

[00:51] <PatrickB> renderered version ;)
[00:52] <gunnarx> Cool.  Sorry I have to go, we got a late start today.
[00:52] <PatrickB> le me check if I can do it just now
[00:52] <gunnarx> My other team is waiting... :(
[00:52] <wonsuk> got it
[00:52] <PatrickB> ok.. I will follow up via email
[00:55] <wonsuk> Is there any info for whether it is generated automatically or not in the spec?
[00:57] <wonsuk> I am looking for who can I understand fastly for all of your proposal
[00:57] <wonsuk> s/who/how
[00:59] <PatrickB> it is all custom tooling
[00:59] <wonsuk> okay
[00:59] <PatrickB> I will open the schema.json file for media etc. so in the next call we discuss that and line out how to proceed on the way to a DRAFT
[01:00] <PatrickB> it is quite easy to understand ;)
[01:00] <wonsuk> then how about mechanism among the definition and generated code
[01:00] <wonsuk> coool!
[01:00] <wonsuk> thank you!
[01:00] <PatrickB> I have just tried to commit directly into the w3c github, but permission is denied
[01:01] <wonsuk> you need to ask the permission to Ted
[01:01] <wonsuk> I think
[01:01] <PatrickB> I need to check with Ted regarding the process of working on the repo
[01:01] <wonsuk> yes
[01:01] <PatrickB> Or I can create a fork and the file a pull request
[01:01] <wonsuk> That will be working
[01:01] <PatrickB> I will check with him
[01:01] <wonsuk> probably
[01:02] <PatrickB> WIll you dump our chat here and send it to the group?
[01:02] <wonsuk> Fork and request PR
[01:02] <wonsuk> Sure
[01:02] <wonsuk> I will do that
[01:02] <PatrickB> Thank you very much!
[01:02] <PatrickB> I have to leave now :(
[01:02] <PatrickB> run for more meetings..
[01:02] <wonsuk> Have a nice day! I should go to sleep
[01:02] <PatrickB> have a good nigth!
[01:02] <PatrickB> night
[01:03] <wonsuk> Thank! bye
[01:03] <PatrickB> bye

Kind regards,
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