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RE: VISS and VIAS language guidance

From: Peter Winzell <Peter.Winzell@melcogot.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 07:56:05 +0000
To: Gunnar Andersson <gandersson@genivi.org>, public-autowebplatform <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>, "ted@w3c.org" <ted@w3c.org>, Paul Boyes <Paul.Boyes@inrix.com>, Rudi Streif at JLR <rstreif@jaguarlandrover.com>, 이원석 <wonsuk.lee@etri.re.kr>
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Hi Gunnar!
Good point . I don't recall that we have ever discussed this issue (BE vs AE). I think that since we have had mainly British editors (Adam,Kevin) for VIS we should perhaps use British English for VIS.   For VIAS we have Urata-san , Wonsuk-san and I am not sure what we would prefer there.

My view is that it should be consistent, thus that we either use BE or AE, but not necessarily the same for both VIS and VIAS. What is the groups view on this ?

Peter Winzell

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Subject: VISS and VIAS language guidance

Hello all

As requested I've looked at the Editor's Draft versions of VISS and VIAS specifications.  On a quick read through they mostly look good and I'm not sure I'm deep enough into it, to not miss if there are some technical inconsistencies remaining, but that's a good sign for the Draft status I suppose.

At least a few spelling/language issues were remaining that I could find
during a read through.   A pull-request sent on the most obvious ones [1].

But then, I wanted to ask you about policy.  After fixing the clearly needed things I could see some inconsistency in the language used in the two specifications - primarily the English vs. American spelling of words.  

Do you have a policy for that?  If the policy is American English, as it often is in many projects, does that mean you want to go in and change every behaviour/behavior, colour/color, and so on?

Also, the preference for Z or S, organize/organise and many similar words. 
Despite that American English is dominating almost everything I read (and write), as a European at least for me the usage of Z almost looks exaggerated if it is applied in th most basic instances.  So it makes me uncertain.  What I mean is, for some words I find myself preferring the S spelling, whereas in other cases the Z spelling feels very natural to me. 
That's not being consistent however.  ;-)  Maybe consistency within one specification is enough?

Before we start nitpicking, could you give some guidance about the policies, and how diligently you would like this pursued?

- Gunnar

[1] https://https://github.com/w3c/automotive/pull/225github.com/w3c/automotive/pull/225

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson@genivi.org> Development Lead GENIVI Alliance

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