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Generic Sensor API Breakout planned at W3C TPAC

From: Philipp Hoschka <ph@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 15:46:46 +0200
Message-ID: <5433EEC6.5000502@w3.org>
To: "public-autowebplatform@w3.org" <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>
Given the many sensors in a car and in the vehicle API, this breakout 
session might be of interest of BG folks attending TPAC


(copying description below)

>     Generic Sensor API
>   * Proposer: Anssi Kostiainen, Mounir Lamouri
> A number of sensors are already exposed to the Web Platform 
> (e.g.Geolocation <http://www.w3.org/TR/geolocation-API/>,Device 
> Orientation 
> <http://w3c.github.io/deviceorientation/spec-source-orientation.html>) 
> and new sensors are on their way (e.g.Ambient Light 
> <http://w3c.github.io/ambient-light/>) -- however, each API looks and 
> feels different. Is this an issue, and if yes, how to fix that?
> Currently, there is no established design pattern for sensor APIs on 
> the Web Platform. Meanwhile, outside the browser-land, the Node.js 
> community has defined and implementedcomposable APIs 
> <https://github.com/rwaldron/johnny-five/#sensors>for exposing new 
> sensors rapidly. Can we learn from each other? In this session we 
> discuss the known issues of the current sensor APIs on the Web 
> Platform and review the recent concrete proposals for sensor API 
> unification (see background materials). Example open questions: should 
> we decouple the sensor APIs from the window object to make it feasible 
> to implement the APIs in other contexts outside browsers (e.g. 
> Node.js, Internet/Web of Things)?
> The generic sensor API deliverable isin scope 
> <http://www.w3.org/2011/07/DeviceAPICharter#deliverables>for the W3C 
> Device APIs Working Group, but the concrete specification work has not 
> yet started. Come join our session, and influence the direction of 
> this potential new work item.
>   * Type: open discussion
>   * Background materials:
>       o Sensor API Unification Sketch by Rick Waldron
>         <https://github.com/rwaldron/sensors>
>       o Tim Volodine's proposal
>         <http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-device-apis/2014Sep/0024.html>
>   * Interested in attending: Ryoichi Kawada, Rick Waldron, Domenic
>     Denicola, Tobie Langel, Claes Nilsson, DomHM, Mounir Lamouri, Dave
>     Raggett, Wonsuk Lee
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