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These agenda items and times look good to me.

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Hi all,

Here’s the proposed agenda for the upcoming F2F.

2 - 4: Finish off existing vehicle data spec (Kevron/Justin/Paul)
4 - 5: Radio/Tuner Web API (GENIVI Expert Group - Gerald Spreitz/Bosch)
9 – 10:30: Show what’s going on inside W3C and GENIVI
(Show W3C Automotive Workshop in Nov 2012 proposals)
(Show Potential for Collaboration on existing W3C Spec List that’s on our wiki)
(Show previous GENIVI Speech API presentations)
(Show different W3C report types – look at TV CG reports)
(Show what W3C SysApp WG is doing and what they are planning)
10:30 – 12: Navigation Web API (GENIVI Expert Group - Philippe Colliot/PSA, Marco Residori/Xse, Kang-Joons Vernier/Aisin)
12 – 1: Lunch and Networking (make sure Philippe Colliot/PSA, Marco Residori/Xse, Kang-Joons Vernier/Aisin are invited to stay for lunch)
1 – 2:30: Call to members to raise some areas that BG should research and narrow down on list into work groups and assign owners
2:30 – 4:30: Let folks gather into the groups that align with list from 1 to 2:30 to kick off their work groups
4:30 - 5: Summarize the day
5: Adjourn

I’m still working with the GENIVI folks to tweak this.  Any comments/additions/questions?


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