Meeting Minutes Summary: W3C Automotive and Web Platform BG June Conf Call

Meeting Minutes Summary: June Conf Call

If I made a mistake or forgot something, please feel free to correct me.  There are several AR for *ALL* members so please read through the list and provide feedback ASAP.  Thank you.

Also, please review Vadim’s proposal sent out today and provide any comments back ASAP.  Thank you.


Proposed Agenda:
Vehicle Spec related ARs:
•       AR: W3C/Alan to get authoritative person to talk to the BG about security of web apps (DONE – Vadim has written up a some proposed language to cover security – AR all members please comment on this)
•       AR: Paul/OpenCar will do a WebIDL check on draft spec before we post it for the 30-day public comment
•       AR: Kevron/Intel to propose and add get history method to the spec and ask BG to comment on it (DONE – AR all members please comment on this it’s in the latest spec)
•       AR: Kaz/W3C will provide concrete use cases for having gear ratios for Transmission Interface to attempt to address this and if need be reach out to Bart H
•       AR: Vadim/GM to come up with a proposal on DriverIdentification (DONE)
•       AR: Paul/Kevron – to remove and make changes to add WheelTicks and SteeringWheelAngle to the spec (DONE – AR all member please comment on this it’s in the latest spec)
•       AR: Paul/Vadim/Kevron – suggestion was to add 2 trip meters per the email to the spec (AR Kevron will add them shortly)
•       AR: Hirabayashi/KDDI/Kaz/W3C – create a report with use cases and changes/additions to the existing W3C Geolocation API spec that cover Geocoding
•       AR: Vadim/GM to generate a recommendation (on Availability method – splitting it into two isAvailableForGet() and isAvailableForSet()) to include in the spec (DONE – discussed at F2F)
•       AR: Kaz/W3C to investigate user profile work that was previously done in W3C but was never completed (DONE – see email from last week)
•       Vadim/GM to write up a proposal based on Kaz’s feedback to include into the spec (DONE – neither of the specs identified by Kaz are applicable to automotive – AR all members please comment on Vadim’s email if you disagree with this)
•       AR: Vadim/GM/Aldric/PSA to suggest the data type like float or integer for each vehicle data element (AR Vadim will send a reminder email on this)
•       AR: Paul/OpenCar/Kevron/Intel/Justin/LGE based on Vadim/Aldric’s AR above (ie data types) will modify the spec to match the proposal (AR Kevron will update the spec to reflect email from Vadim in AR above)
•       AR: To all - Vehicle Information spec to be completed by June 13th so spec can finished up and be posted by June 20th for 30-day public comment

Group Direction
•       Timeline laid out to potentially create an Automotive Working Group by October 2014
•       First Automotive WG F2F meeting to coincide with next Automotive BG F2F in October (see note below on next proposed F2F)
•       Discussed how the BG and WG could work together with BG continuing to explore new spec and reports and WG focusing on driving specs like Vehicle Information spec to a final official state within the W3C (W3C/Adam – suggested we could balance the two groups so BG stays focused on creating use cases and usage reports in specific areas important to automotive (like the W3C TV Interest Group) and let Automotive WG do the technical due diligence of creating and driving API specs)
•       Suggestion to have the BG and WG meeting F2F in October for the first day or half a day then let the BG and WG split off the next day to drive their own agendas and discussions
•       AR: Intel/OpenCar to send email to list to suggest/propose a charter for the new Automotive WG but allow any other BG member company to step forward if they wanted to drive the charter and WG with the W3C (DONE – Intel/OpenCar sent email to the BG list – will wait until 6/18 for another member company to step forward if not Intel/OpenCar will work with W3C to create a charter – AR any member interested please speak up)

Next potential specification/report
•       Media Tuner/IVI Radio – most advanced project within GENIVI but we need a lead or co-leads to move this forward
•       Suggestion is to have Pandora lead with help from GENIVI CE EG like Bosch and Obigo
•       It would be good to have an OEM take an interest and help as well like JLR or GM or PSA or BMW
•       Some information is available publically at:

•       AR: To whoever leads this effort, the W3C suggested also looking at the TV CG since they are working on a TV Tuner API (Pandora/Craig said they may be interested in leading this effort – AR I think it would be extremely helpful to have an OEM like BMW, JLR, PSA, Fiat/Chrysler or GM step up to help co-lead this)
•       AR: Intel/OpenCar to ask GENIVI to open up the GENIVI CE EG Media Tuner project use cases, requirements, source code, etc. so BG could evaluate and coordinate the two efforts (Adam sent email on 6/11 to GENIVI asking to open up all information related to this GENIVI effort)
•       Navigation – GENIVI LBS EG suggested waiting until Oct this year to check back on their progress
•       GM suggested starting with POI – most everyone agreed that would be a good starting point for an API spec
•       Some information is available publically at:

•       Also see some W3C POI spec draft:

•       AR: Intel/OpenCar to ask GENIVI to open up the GENIVI LBS EG project use cases, requirements, source code, etc. so BG could evaluate and coordinate the two efforts
•       Speech
•       Intel/Adam talked to Continental/Elektrobit about creating a report with use cases, recommendations and potential API changes/additions to the existing W3C Speech Web API spec by the CG
•       AR: Continental/Electrobit plan to implement the Speech Web API plus additional APIs to test within GENIVI EG and prepare a report afterwards (report likely in Fall this year)
•       Automotive BG will get to review the report before taking it to the W3C Speech CG
•       Other
•       Suggestion was made that maybe this group should consider just focusing on creating use cases vs creating specs and let the to be formed Automotive WG to focus solely on the creation of API specs

Next F2F/Upcoming Conf
•       Next face to face proposed will be in during the week of October 7 - 10 in conjunction with the GENIVI All Member Meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, specific dates and location to be determined but will likely be Thurs the 9th and Friday the 10th
•       AR: Adam/Intel to bring this up in June’s monthly conf call to give members a heads up on planning to attend. (AR Adam to add proposed next F2F information on wiki)
•       W3C TPAC is coming to Santa Clara this year from Oct 27 – 31 and I believe Paul and Adam will attend to represent our BG but other members are welcome as well

Immediate action items for the group are as follows:
•       See ARs from above and drive to finishing them so spec can be published to the public for a 30-day comment period by June 20th
•       Set up next face to face at GENIVI AMM on Oct 9th and 10th. ***Please let us know if you can attend.***

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