[Auto Web Platform] FYI: Connected Car Conference and Hackathon- 5 Free tickets + 50% off

*ATTN:* Automotive and Web Platform Business Group members
Following a discussion we had with Adam, we discovered your group and would 
like to invite you to attend our upcoming Connected Car conference and 
hackathon, API Days SF <http://sf.apidays.io>, that will focus on how 
technology is disrupting the auto industry and driver experience. 
We have reserved 5 free tickets for your group 
If you don't get those in time, you can register for the conference with a 
50% discount here: 
*When: *
Conference June 13-14 from 9 am - 8pm
Hacakthon June 13 7:30 pm - June 14 8pm 
*Where: *
169 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
*About the Conference:*
API Days SF <http://sf.apidays.io/> is part of a global series that 
explores APIs from both a business and technical perspective. For this 
year's edition, we will focus on how APIs are transforming the driver 
experience and impacting industries beyond auto manufacturers. The two-day 
conference will cover everything from SV's role in the connected car 
revolution to the opportunities and challenges that will arise when all 
cars become connected. Speakers include Larry Burns (advisor to Google 
driverless car), Kin Lane (the API evangelist) and Lit Motors' Danny Kim.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at 


*Kevin SMOUTS*
Project Analyst


+1 (415) 481-5233 // +1 (415) 626-6406


169 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103



>From June 13th to 15th - Register here <http://sf.apidays.io/> to explore 
the future of APIs and car industries.

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