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Open standards and interoperability within the automotive domain and smart cities

From: Ted Guild <edwardguild@geotab.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2022 08:25:43 -0400
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Cc: "Landqvist, Fredric" <fredric.landqvist@volvocars.com>, "Batejat, Fabien" <fabien.batejat@volvocars.com>, "Winzell, Peter" <peter.winzell@volvocars.com>, "Seneger, Jon" <jon.seneger@volvocars.com>, "Wilms Daniel, LT-7-IL" <daniel.dw.wilms@bmw.de>, benjamin.klotz@eurecom.fr
Volvo cars supported a couple of students from Gothenburg University in
their research using VSSo.

Their research question:

“ How can we apply open standards to improve interoperability in electric
vehicle charging using a knowledge graph, and what would such a knowledge
graph look like”.

You can find their draft thesis, a presentation recording and corresponding
slides in this Google Drive.


We have relayed an invitation to have them speak at a W3C Auto WG meeting,
in particular they should be at one of our bi-weekly VSSo calls and suspect
Daniel would agree.

They cite you a number of times Benjamin, hope this address still works and
finds you well.


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