Re: [Reminder] Auto WG call - still in daylight saving time warp

My apologies for not attending last week, and my response went only to Ted
by mistake. I was in a full day GENIVI Face2face meeting.

I have missed a few meetings lately because of conflicts, or
happenstance, but was happy to sync up with you about about 3 weeks ago -
unfortunately not coinciding with participation from Patrick who is
bringing lots of new input worth discussing.

Still, following some  appearing discussions I just want to reiterate the
support from GENIVI to adjust the signal database / data models to
input from W3C Automotive group (based on group consensus).

We all want to ensure that our shared results make up the very best
it can be, supporting both REST/web access protocols, and perhaps
other approaches.  Sure, GENIVI development has looked at slightly
different access methods too - for local usage most obviously you could have 
a very direct local interface such as the vehicle_signal_interface library,
or varition thereof which avoids both HTTP and JSON encoding for efficiency.
And we have investigated a bit on "big data" protocols (apache NiFi and friends, 
frameworks such as JOYNr, and others).

Despite that I have not yet seen a conflict between those alternative usages that
cannot be resolved with a single VSS tree format, so I do not yet see that
VSS is immediately different from what is needed for RSI/VISSv2,
especially since the new maintainers of the v2.0 branch (which is kept on master 
branch, according to agreement) are listenening and merging new requests

for changes to what W3C auto group finds is necessary.  Of course I could be 
missing some aspect of it.

Best Regards,
- Gunnar
On 18 Mar 2019, 21:48 +0100, Ted Guild , wrote:
Note one continent, where the teleconference system resides, has gone
through this daylight savings nonsense but not yet others so unless you
are in North America the call is an hour earlier than you are

We have an Auto Working Group call at Tuesday at 0900 EST, 1300 GMT,
1400 CET, 1830 IST, 2100 CST, 2200 JST/KST, 0600 PST

Ted Guild <>
W3C Automotive Lead

Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 13:54:06 UTC