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The patch attached to this mail is my attempt to create a proof-of-concept of the idea to enhance VSS with the resource-element model from VIWI.

If you clone the latest from VSS GitHub (, you can then apply this patch.

I have added rbranch and element nodes to the Private.vspec file, copying Media Collections data from VIWI.

By following the instructions in the README file in the c_native directory, you will create a c native formatted tree containing all the legacy car VSS signals, and the new nodes on the Private branch, stored in the vss_rel_1.0.cnative file in the tools directory.

The instructions also builds a tree-parser that when executed reads the vss_rel_1.0.cnative file, and creates a double linked tree in memory, allowing traversal of the tree through commands provided to the parser.

There are some glitches in this code, I have e.g. seen some strings that are incorrectly zero terminated.

The referencing from an element to other elements, which I propose to do using the “id” property of the referenced elements, are not transferred correctly to the native tree. To fix it, I think it requires further modification in the file, to begin with.

The child property declaration in the rbranch is done using one key per property descriptor, associated to a list of values of this property descriptor for all properties. This is different from how I showed it in the earlier mail sent to the list. I do not know if this is better, but this is how I managed to solve it when coding it.

A possible next step could be to add commands to the tree parser to add/remove element nodes, and to do (simple) queries. The tree parser UI is really bad, it could be improved a bit too.



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Thank you, Ted.

Ulf and I have been discussing his proposal for VSS and bridging the gap between RSI for quite a while in email exchanges. I am on board extending VSS to support a model that allows using VSS data model and RSI data model interchangeably. VSS was intended to be simple and flexible supporting easy transformation into other data models. That's what the various converters are intended for.

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In particular please see and read the links from two topics both of
which we will delve into on subsequent calls.

Ulf's proposal

AGL analysis of VISS and ViWi

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