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On Nov 28, 2017, at 2:03 PM, Ted Guild <<>> wrote:

At the F2F meeting there was a proposal to change our call cadence and
time. There was a agreement with the attendees but want acceptance from
the broader group.

Starting with the New Year, January 2018, the Auto WG should start
meeting weekly instead of twice a month. It should rotate so as to be
accommodating to various time zones. There are uncomfortable times in
each of the major timezones covered and it is expected people may opt
out of attending those, instead relying on minutes, email and
subsequent meetings.


CEST: 6am / 3pm / 11pm

EDT: 12am / 9am / 5pm

PDT: 9pm / 6am / 2pm

BST: 5am* / 2pm / 10pm

JST & KST: 1pm / 10pm / 6am

An automated reminder will be sent and ideally the Chairs and I will
settle on an agenda that can be sent in advance so people can decide if
they want to stay up late/get up early for a particular call.

If a particular meeting is canceled then that time is skipped for that
rotation and does not carry over to the following week since that would
complicate how some may configure their calendars.

When we discussed we also felt it would make sense to have the Business
Group call, currently at a fixed time on the second Tuesday of the
month, immediately follow the Working Group call. The combined Business
and Working Group meeting would have a total duration of one hour and
thirty minutes. The time would generally be divided evenly but can take
into consideration whether a topic for one may need more discussion.

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