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Re: Vehicle Signal Specification

From: Streif, Rudolf <rstreif@jaguarlandrover.com>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 11:09:58 -0700
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To: Volker Fricke <VFRICKE@de.ibm.com>
Cc: Magnus Feuer <mfeuer1@jaguarlandrover.com>, public-automotive <public-automotive@w3.org>

> I like the concept of deriving the vehicle signals from GENVI VSS towards
> W3C auto runtime.
> I guess from W3C perspective collaboration with GENVI is quite important
> for this close integration within the vehicle. But I guess we should also
> promote the W3C auto runtime to other in-vehicle platforms, like QNX and
> others, right?
> This would mean, that the REST server interface between the W3C auto
> runtime with JS has to be implemented by the other in-vehicle platforms
There are two major pieces to it:

   - Vehicle Signals: They are essentially owned by the OEMs and the Tier
   1s they are working with. The operating system platform is pretty much
   irrelevant. Whether it's a Linux derivative, GENIVI, QNX, Microsoft
   Embedded, etc. does not matter. It is not uncommon for an OEM to have
   infotainment systems for various model years with a common look-and-feel
   that are built on different OS. The signals are still the same. Many have
   attempted to derive vehicle signals from the ODB-II PIDs, by reverse
   engineering etc. That all works to some extend but of course never provides
   the whole picture. With the VSS we are stepping forward providing the
   signals from their source, the GENIVI OEMs and Tiers 1s. Anything else is a
   first or higher order derivative. So, in my opinion, it makes very much
   sense to use for the data specification what comes straight from the
   horses' mouths.

   - Operating System Platform: Yes, the REST server should run on any OS
   for infotainment and telematics units. As part of W3C we are specifying the
   northbound interface, the REST API to provide the vehicle signals. The
   southbound interface is the connected to the vehicle platform. For GENIVI
   the vehicle platform OS is Linux and the platform interface is RVI.
   However, any company or OSV who wants to use different OS and different
   platform interfaces is welcome to do so. That is also a reason why I
   suggested IoTivity as a potential candidate for the REST server.

As GENIVI our contributions to W3C are:

   1. The Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) based on the signals from
   authoritative sources.
   2. The resources for the open-source implementation of the REST server
   on top of the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP).

I welcome other to contribute to 1. We see what we have done so far as a
seeding effort. I also would like to see others to do 2. on other
platforms. I think that would be of great value.

Best regards,
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