Re: Hosting experimental code in w3c github repo.

I propose you put it here under vehicle_data, perhaps under a subfolder called projects or implementations followed by your project name.  So<project_name>.  Of course the naming is just off the top of my head and is up for debate.

To get it there clone the repository and do a pull request.  The editors can accept or not.

Make sense?

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On Jul 7, 2016, at 5:31 AM, Sanjeev B.A. <<>> wrote:

Dear W3C Automotive Members,

During the W3C Automotive F2F event in Paris (April, 2016), different approaches  to take the W3C Automotive Spec forward.

Based on the discussions, I developed a nodejs based experimental gateway based on RVI, VSS and websockets. I would like to host it under the w3c github repo and maintain documentation, get feedback, track issues etc.

Can you please guide me ?


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