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RE: Suggestion to Automotive WG - From Alibaba Group

From: Angel Li <angel@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 21:17:54 +0800
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Hi QingAn,


I forward your proposal to the Auto working group
(public-automotive@w3.org), since it is the right place to discuss this
topic with the entire WG.






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Subject: Suggestion to Automotive WG - From Alibaba Group


Hello Ted,


This is Qing An from Alibaba Group, a new member for Automotive WG. My
colleague Kepeng Li, and Dapeng Liu, also joined this group last week.


Alibaba Group is a new member for W3C, and we just joined W3C last month. 


Automotive and Web is a very important business for us, and we believe W3C
Automotive standard work is very valuable to the industry.


We would like to learn the previous work first, then contribute our ideas
(e.g. use cases, APIs, security aspects) in the future.


We notice that we don't have any task forces in this WG yet. Other groups
(e.g. Web Payments) have several task forces. We believe that splitting our
work into task forces can divide our work load and benefit group members'


After reviewing the charter, we suggest to set up the following Task Forces:


1.         Use Cases: This task force gathers use-cases that the Automotive
WG is planning to address. 


2.         APIsThis task force develops APIs to allow a web application to
request vehicle data from the vehicles network bus and sensors. The vehicle
data represents a large amount of data but not all of the data a vehicle has
since the data can differ from model to model and manufacturer to
manufacturer. The initial version of these documents will be copied from the
Automotive and Web Platform Business Group Final Report(s) produced by the
W3C Automotive and Web Platform Business Group.


3.         SecurityThis task force develops security and privacy
considerations. The APIs developed by this group may use a different
security model than the traditional browser security model.



Look forward to your reply and have further discussion.


Thank you


Best regards,


Qing An

Alibaba Group

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