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                   Automotive WG - Spec Issue Review

14 Jul 2015

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          Paul, Adam_Crofts, Dave, Hira, Kaz, Kevron, Qing, Urata,




     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]issue 37
     * [5]Summary of Action Items

issue 37

   -> [6]https://github.com/w3c/automotive/issues/37 Issue 37

      [6] https://github.com/w3c/automotive/issues/37

   wonsuk: gives explanation
   ... Dave raised an issue on api signature pattern
   ... data point should be a parameter of APIs
   ... Kevron responded that the original API signature patter was
   not a bug but a a feature so that we could use JavaScript's
   introspection capabilities
   ... Wonsuk agreed with Dave
   ... Edwin gave some proposal

   Dave: there are three proposals

   Paul: having datapoint (object) right after "vehicle" or as a

   Dave: plus the third proposal

   Kevron(?): contributed native implementation to Genivi
   ... Genivi is using our implementation

   Paul: don't know how to refer to things
   ... vehicle.get(speed) or vehicle.speed.get()

   Wonsuk(?): the last proposal would make the code more

   scribe: easier for implementers but harder for developers

   Dave(?): when initialize the library, how to initialize the

   Paul: I need to understand what kind of data is available
   ... in the backend
   ... that was one issue
   ... you could call an API to check availability

   Dave: there is a fourth possible option

   Wonsuk: we need to ask some of the expert of browser/web
   application implementers
   ... which option is useful

   Paul: would like feedback from experts
   ... other groups from W3C as well

   Wonsuk: myself also have some questions on subscribe
   ... similar mechanism like events
   ... not clear
   ... event mechanism within browser could be reused

   Kevron(?): you don't know the capability
   ... so we need another mechanism

   Wonsuk: in case of Firefox OS, some of additional events can be
   handled by the browser execution context
   ... we need to implement "subscribe" for all the possible
   browser execution context

   Kevron: vehicle.speed should be vehiclespeed
   ... we have engine speed, etc., as well

   Dave: who would give comments as implementers

   Adam: Paul Wheller

   Wonsuk: W3C has the TAG
   ... how about asking TAG for opinions?

   Kevron: would agree

   Wonsuk: tried to look for similar specs
   ... but failed
   ... in case of Geolocation API
   ... they also check location information
   ... that would be similar
   ... how to design APIs

   Paul: originally vehicle.get was used
   ... looking at existing patterns would be useful

   Kevron: this is a new layer of JavaScript APIs
   ... new features like promises might be related

   Dave: retrieval of attributes

   Paul: would like to figure out the best way

   Kevron: would see the opinion of Paul Wheller and browser

   Paul: also we could talk with the TAG

   Kevron: vehicle.vehiclespeed.get vs vehicle.speed
   ... when can I use the function, when it's available?

   Paul: how do we want to proceed?

   Wonsuk: we can make a page on possible API design options
   ... and ask the TAG for opinions

   Paul: would do that on GitHub or Wiki?

   Wonsuk: a new page on GitHub?

   Paul: OK
   ... Dave, Kevron, Adam, is that OK?

   @@@: related spec like Geolocation?

   Paul: I'll send a summary of this meeting
   ... actually there are three (=two more) action items
   ... 2. summary page on GitHub
   ... 3. contact TAG and Paul Wheller
   ... how could we contact TAG?

   Kaz: we can send a message to the TAG list or we can start
   private discussion with the TAG Chair, Daniel Appelquist

   Paul: pros/cons page on GitHub
   ... Dave, Kevron and Wonsuk, can you start the page?
   ... that document would be helpful
   ... to explain the issue to TAG
   ... I'll take care of TAG and JLR
   ... others, please contribute to the pros/cons page
   ... will send the summary to the group as well.

   [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

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