VB: [review period] CAT of WCAG 2.0 intoto Swedish

Hej Referensgruppen!

Nu är det äntligen dags att sätta igång den officiella granskningsperioden angående den svenska översättningen av WCAG 2.0.
Mer information om hur det kommer gå till finns i mailet nedan från W3C och vi uppmanar härmed alla er att anmäla er till den publika e-postlistan snarast.

Information om e-postlistan hittar ni på http://www.funkanu.se/WCAG2-Errata eller i mailet nedan.
Den föreslagna kandidaten av översättningen finns här: http://www.funkanu.se/wcag-translation/.


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Ämne: [review period] CAT of WCAG 2.0 intoto Swedish

Dear Susanna, Johan, all,

You have made us aware of the availability of the Candidated Authorized Translation of WCAG 2.0 into Swedish:

We are now at the step in the Policy for Authorized Translation when W3C initiates the review process, which will last at least 30 days.

cf. http://www.w3.org/2005/02/TranslationPolicy.html

4. W3C Initiation of Review Process:
      1. W3C announces a review period of at least 30 days of the CAT on the translators' mailing list, specifying a separate, publicly archived mailing list, in W3C or W3C Office Web space, to be used for commenting.
This mailing list may be a per-language list for all CATs in that language, such as public-auth-trans-hu@w3.org for any Hungarian CAT, or a list specifically set up for that CAT. All comments on the CAT must be sent to this list. Postings to the mailing list may either be in the language of translation or in English.

5. LTO Notification of Review, Monitoring of Comments, and Revision of CAT:
     1. The LTO notifies the stakeholder organizations of the availability of the CAT, the start of the review period, and the existence of the mailing list for comments; directs them to send comments to this mailing list; and copies this notification to the general translators' mailing list.
     2. The LTO monitors the mailing list comments; provides clarification when necessary; and summarizes consensus on specific issues (when
possible) to help the ongoing discussion.
     3. After the end of the review period, the LTO issues a new version of the CAT as needed, and provides a list, in English and the language of translation, of the points raised, and a summary of the discussions during the review period, describing the problems found and solutions agreed with the other reviewers. This summary must be posted both to the publicly archived mailing list for this CAT, and to the general translators'  
mailing list.
     4. In the event that no comments or only very few comments are received during the review period, the LTO ensures that a majority of the reviewing organizations send email to the translators' mailing list confirming that they have in fact reviewed the document, and that they consider it to be an accurate translation.
     5. The LTO then advises W3C whether a new review round is necessary or not.

The dedicated mailing list has been set up for the review process:

and the mail archive is at:

Subscription to this list can be done by sending an e-mail, with the subject set to 'subscribe', to:

Susanna and Johan are already subscribed.

The mailing list and the archive are public. Anybody can send an e-mail to the list, apart from the fact that at the first send an anti-spam "ritual"  
has to be followed (via an acknowledgement e-mail).

We encourage you to announce this review period to facilitate comments  from the public.

Please, communicate this information to your partners (this is step 5.1 of the Policy), and ask them to subscribe to the mailing list and use it for the comments. Step 5.1 requests that the general translators' mailing list be copied when announcing availability of the CAT. This message serves to that effect.

Best regards,
Coralie on behalf of W3C.

Coralie Mercier - Communications Team - Incubator Activity Lead
              World Wide Web Consortium - http://www.w3.org

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