Re: Press Release for Web Audio 1.0 Recommendation

Thanks for this alert Chris.

Efi Lakka, Athanasios Malamos and I just joined the working group as liaison representatives of Web3D Consortium.

We have recently finished a new audio component for the Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics International Standard.  We have specified how to wrap Web Audio API in X3D version 4.  We have some excellent initial results and several questions too.

Will have a summary for this group in the near future.  Happy to register interest now in providing a testimonial later.

On 1/14/2021 7:12 AM, Chris Lilley wrote:
> Hi folks,
> W3C typically issues a press release when a specification gets to
> Recommendation. This usually has two parts, the release itself and a
> page of testimonials by W3C members who want to endorse the new
> Recommendation. (This is typically, but not exclusively, W3C Members who
> were part of the Working Group).
> So, we need to start on that now, because it would need to be ready by
> the beginning of March, and Member testimonials often need internal
> review within the Member before being approved.
> So first off, which Audio WG members are interested to supply a
> testimonial for the press release?
> Oh - testimonials should be in English, but can also be in other
> languages as desired. Also, if we only get one or two testimonials we
> typically just do the press release without testimonials, because
> lukewarm support sends the wrong message entirely.
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