Audio Community Group Meeting - Thursday 7th of November, 2019, 8:30 PDT


It's time for our monthly community group meeting. I won't be able to join
this time unfortunately.

Please note, this meeting is scheduled in PDT, and the US has changed time
(it's at 17:30 in Paris this week, for example), so it's back to the
"usual" time.

- The meeting is at
- The list of V2 issues that folks can have a look at:
- The slack instance is called "web-audio", and can be joined by using
- The community group home page is at, joining the groups allows
joining the mailing list (this happens automatically), to follow

Finally, some people would like to move this meeting half an hour later
(9:00 PDT). Please reply if this is a problem for you.

The agenda is the usual, generally talking about the future developments on
the web, quite loose.

Hope to see you all next month, and sorry about not being able to join this


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