Re: [Agenda] WG Telecon Thurs Oct 31, 8:30 am PDT


Attendees:  Paul, Chris, Raymond

   - Update from Chris about recommendation status
      - No new info about privacy issues since it's not a WebAudio problem
      - He will talk to W3C about getting an updated CR out soon.
      - Main blocker is 2 implementations of AudioWorklet.  Paul says good
      progress is being made and a fairly complete implementation will be
      available soon.
   - No new issues for v1/v2
   - Existing V1 issues
      - Issue 2032 <>:
      Say we'll extrapolate the last sample, but method is unspecified.
      - Issue 2060 <>:
      Ray to ask for help dealing with message port usage
      - Starting on Nov 14, the WG meeting will move to 9:00am PST instead
   of 8:30am PST.
   - The CG meeting on Nov 7, will be at 8:30am PST; we'll discuss moving
   that to 9am as well.

See y'all next Thursday at 8:30am PST for the CG meeting.

On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 4:24 PM Raymond Toy <> wrote:

> Gentlepeople,
> Boo!
> Note that, unless there are objections, this will be the last meeting to
> start at 8:30.  The next WG meeting (Nov 14) will be at 9:00 am.  Not also
> that Nov 28 is Thanksgiving Holiday in the US, so we may want to cancel
> that meeting.
> Here is the (standing) agenda for our WG call..
>    - Decide on the meeting time.
>    - Tirage any new/untriages v1 issues.
>    - Continue to work through the v1 project board
>  If you have been
>    requested to review a PR, please do so before the meeting.
>    - Look at new/untriaged v2 issues
>    - AOB.
> Meeting venue

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