[minutes] Audio WG Teleconference 2013-12-05

The minutes of our teleconference on 05 December 2013 are online:

We discussed:
* Oscillators (phase, mathematical, etc)
There has been some confusion on changes made to oscillators. We still all agree that we want to add some way to request a mathematical oscillator, and also want to clarify the phase of oscillators at t=0. Paul will draft spec text, using Ray’s PR as input.

* stop() and stop() again

We looked at https://github.com/WebAudio/web-audio-api/issues/15 and there was mild agreement that this was a valid use case (how to change the scheduling of a stop() operation, currently not allowed). Chris Wilson will investigate how hard it would be to change and report to the group.

* Issues triage

Short discussion on how we want to help our editors with triaging the 160-ish open issues. No resolution.

* upcoming f2f meeting

A call for potential hosts of a face-to-face meeting around March 2014. Possibly US East coast (as was the preference in a previous poll), or in conjunction with another event (GDC, mini webapps-html group get-together).

* High Resolution Time Level 2 FPWD/LC http://www.w3.org/TR/hr-time-2/

A heads up on the publication of the HRT level 2 spec. Not expected to have any new impact on our tech, but Chris Wilson will double check.

* Next meetings

Next meeting 19th December, followed by 16th January.


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