Re: [Buzzkill] Cleaning Up Web Audio API Spec

On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 10:42 AM, Olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

> > Umm, did I miss a resolution?  The Oscillator definitions are now
> mathematical.
> The resolution to add mathematical oscillators was taken at the meeting on
> 2013-09-19:
> >  I'm not comfortable with that.
> I donít think the resolution was to make all oscillators mathematical, but
> to add an option to use mathematical ones. Can you clarify your objection?

My objection is (unless I'm thoroughly misreading the PR) that this appears
to define all Oscillator behavior as mathematical, in an attempt to define
the starting phase.  At the 2013-09-19 meeting we agreed to add a separate
issue for adding mathematical oscillator behavior - though we did not
resolve that issue as "approved" or anything, but separated that from the
phase issue.  At the 2013-11-07 meeting, we resolved the phase issue (by
assigning an issue to Raymond), but I don't think we talked about the
mathematical issue.

I'm not opposed to adding mathematical Oscillator behavior; I expect we're
going to have a disagreement about the default behavior, but we can get to
that.  I think we need to define the phase for mathematical and
bandwidth-limited oscillators separately; the definition for BWL
oscillators is probably input into the periodic wave algorithm, no?

>  Unfortunately, the minutes of that tc were the ones that were lost.
> Iím pretty sure all the minutes are listed at
> The last 2 meetings were missing from the list (but had been sent to the
> mailing-list), I just added them to the wiki.

Duh.  Sorry, was misled by your comment in the wrapup notes "the minutes
are not online," and did not read the second half of that sentence "...but
are attached to this message."


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