Re: De-zippering

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 3:02 PM, Joseph Berkovitz <> wrote:

> I like that you expressed an opinion again. But you were supposed to
> change your mind this time :)

 My new tagline.  :)

Im not a fan of the dezippering property idea. I think the right thing to
> do is not to introduce another mode into the system, but introduce a really
> easy way to change properties with autodezippering in an imperative way:
>   gainNode.gain.change(1);
> instead of
>   gainNode.gain.value = 1

We have that - either way.  It's either gainNode.gain.setValueAtTime() or
 gainNode.gain.setTargetAtTime().  We don't need to add another method to
do that.

Oh and not bury this important point 30 pages down :)

Wilson's rule of writing: The fact that everything in your spec is
important means everything should be in the first page.  Good luck with
that font size.  :)


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