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2013-11-07 12:23, Chris Lowis skrev:
> Hi!
> There's a task for me to look into how "dezippering" is performed in
> Webkit and to explain how and why we do it.
> I've put together a quick demo to show the effect of dezippering
> And made some notes on how it is implemented on this ticket:
> I think it's open for debate whether we clarify dezippering (I think
> I'd prefer to use the term "parameter smoothing") in the spec, and all
> of the parameters to which it applies by default, or whether we move
> to remove mention of it altogether and perhaps add an advisory note
> about preventing glitches by using exponentialRampToValueAtTime() for
> example.
> For that reason, I haven't prepared a PR. Perhaps we can discuss it
> here first and I can prepare one later.

In general I prefer not to have too much magic going on behind the scenes.

The automatic smoothing (dezippering) in Web Audio reminds me of when 
progress bar smoothing logic was added to Windows Vista. In an attempt 
to create a more pleasant experience for the user, the new 
implementation left developers unable to control the progress bar the 
way they wanted to [1] (e.g. reaching 100% progress was almost 
impossible without fooling the API by utilizing known quirks in the 
underlying progress bar smoothing implementation).

Let's not repeat that mistake. Unless there are strong use cases for 
automatic parameter smoothing that can not be handled using explicit 
interfaces, I'd prefer dropping it in favor of explicit interfaces.



> Cheers,
> Chris

Marcus Geelnard
Technical Lead, Mobile Infrastructure
Opera Software

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