Re: [web-audio-api testing] Best way of testing an AudioNode output

Amitay Dobo writes:

> 2) Noticed while testing that Mozilla Firefox (27 nightly) does not send
> any output from a MediaAudioElementSource when the audio source is not from
> the same origin (i.e. different domain). Is this by any way a correct
> behavior?

Consider a page from an untrusted server using the browser to
request an audio source from inside the browser's intranet.

The page cannot be permitted to know of the contents of the audio,
nor whether the audio file exists on the intranet, unless the
server on the intranet explicitly allows this.

That requirement makes it very difficult to make
MediaAudioElementSource work at all for cross-origin sources that
don't grant this permission.

Received on Thursday, 31 October 2013 19:07:29 UTC