Re: bridge between Github and public-audio list suspended

Ray, all.

On 28 Oct 2013, at 22:50, Raymond Toy <> wrote:
> I have contacted GitHub, in hope that they may know a better way around the problem. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that members and participants of this WG go and create an account on Github, and watch our repositories over at
> So, if we want to discuss issues they should be done using the issue tracker on github? Or this mailing list?
> I'm a bit confused now on the exact process.

Good question. Iím sorry it is, indeed, a bit confusing at the moment.

How about the following?

* Any issue already raised on GH should be discussed there. Group members *should* participate there, but I will also make sure to send summaries of GH discussions here on a regular basis.

* Calls for Consensus will be on the mailing-list

* General discussions will happen here on the mailing-list. It will also be where we receive/triage feedback on our specs. If a legitimate/new issue is raised during discussion on the mailing-list, a group member will be tasked to create an issue summarising the discussion to date, and we will move further discussion on the specific issue to GH.

Itís not perfect, but thatís the best I can think of for now. Suggestions for improvement welcome. As soon as I know whether this situation is temporary or permanent, I will clarify the process on our wiki:


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