Continuous playback of javascript synthesized consecutive audio buffers causes audio artifacts when no buffer starving occurs.

I'm wondering what happened to the discussion on the audio artifacts
(snapping, clicking, popping etc.) encountered when attempting to schedule
audio buffers consecutively of differing rates. The
specification/implementations still do not address the issue. The reason
why this is so important is that most modern game-engines require these
features in order to provide varied and streaming audio, the current
solution it seems is to provide pre-canned audio files which are played
back when events occur but this results in games sounding horrible, you get
a few prerecorded audio pieces in a loop. The ability to continuously play
back audio that has been synthesized in chunks is essential, calling a
JavaScript node continuously is inefficient in a large application. The
specification needs a way to schedule exact, and precise streaming playback
of consecutive audio buffers.

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Received on Friday, 18 October 2013 09:53:17 UTC