Re: [web-audio-api] Proper FFT / IFFT missing (#248)

Hi, not sure if I'm speaking for the entire group here, but I think that your feature request is another sign of how the current version of the Web Audio API can't possibly satisfy every need. There have been many other feature requests with similar symtoms (i.e. "it's almost there, why not expose it 100%?"), for instance: the ability to define more customized filters (first order, second, ... order IIR filters, with custom filter coefficients, etc), the ability to control the HRTF transfer function in more detail, the ability to control the dynamics compressor node in more detail, etc, etc.

I personally have high hopes for making the ScriptProcessorNode a first class citizen, with Web Worker based processing etc, which would enable all of these (and more) features to be implemented just the way you wish. I think that most of us here agree that improving the ScriptProcessorNode is an important change to the Web Audio API, but it will most likely be part of a later version of the API (at least that way we can focus on getting it right instead of rushing something out that's not really finished).

As for the feared lesser processing power of JavaScript; I don't really think that it will be a problem.

(btw - sorry for cross-posting...)

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