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Re: Proposal for fixing race conditions

From: Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 23:30:54 -0700
Message-id: <2799869A-84C0-4B3A-8815-DD2B5B3FD41D@apple.com>
Cc: "K. Gadd" <kg@luminance.org>, Olivier Thereaux <Olivier.Thereaux@bbc.co.uk>, WG <public-audio@w3.org>
To: "robert@ocallahan.org" <robert@ocallahan.org>

> On Jul 16, 2013, at 6:43 PM, Robert O'Callahan <robert@ocallahan.org> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 1:27 PM, Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com> wrote:
>>> On Jul 16, 2013, at 1:18 PM, K. Gadd <kg@luminance.org> wrote:
>>> This claim has been made dozens of times now on the list and I've seen multiple requests for even a single test case that demonstrates the performance impact. Is there one? I haven't seen one, nor a comment to the effect that one exists, or an explanation of why there isn't one.
>> Isn't this self-evident?  Any solution which involves additional memcopy calls during the normal use of the API will have an inherant and known performance cost at the point of the memcopy.
> It's self-evident that there is some cost. It's not as self-evident that this cost is "unacceptable" or "very very important".

That's absolutely true, though I'd argue that a naive "copy everything!" approach is self-evidently "bad enough".  :-)


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