Action Items housekeepping

Hi group,

I have done a bit of housekeeping in our action items today:

Below is the list of actions which were OPEN when I went through them:

* ACTION-26: Chris Rogers to Add web workers capability to Web Audio API
This is still pending, but frankly, I'd rather we dropped it in favour of


* ACTION-47: Doug to Reach out to OpenAL folks to get firm commitment on
IP status of OpenAL.
This is from - it
has been discussed not so long ago, but I don't know if we have reached a
solid conclusion. Doug, do you agree? Do you need help completing this?

* ACTION-55: Thierry to Ask systeam about dvcs -> github redirect
Done, although not to our satisfaction. Systeam said no. Can't win all the

* ACTION-56: Jussi to Migrate issues to bugzilla
This is from

and I assume the action was actually to migrate MIDI issues to github.
That's done.

* ACTION-57: Jussi to Update midi draft to mention issues to be sent to
Partly done. The doc on points to the github draft, but the
current draft on github does not point to the list of issues on github.
Jussi, can you make the change?

* ACTION-58: Olivier to clean up midi actions on bugzilla once they have
been migrated
Done. Closing.

* ACTION-59: Talk to webrtc chairs, see what their perspective is on web
audio API



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