Re: Proposal for fixing race conditions

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> On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 3:38 PM, David Herman <>  
> wrote:
>> Robert O'Callahan wrote:
>>> The status quo in Webkit, as I understand it, allows changes to the  
>>> array
>>> after the setValueCurveAtTime call to affect the AudioParam's behavior  
>>> on
>>> the audio thread, so those changes may or may not be observed  
>>> depending on
>>> all sorts of implementation details, including details of the memory
>>> subsystem of the underlying hardware. This is unprecedented in existing
>>> specs and I will object to it all the way through the W3C process if
>>> necessary.
>> I would like to back Robert up and voice my objections to the racy API.  
>> We should not be adding low-level data races to JavaScript or the web  
>> >>platform, nor should we be exposing architecture-specific memory  
>> models.
> I'm in the same boat, as I've said in previous discussions on this  
> matter on the list.

And I'm 100% with you on that. Being racy is not an option for the Web  
IMO. At the same time I'm confident that we can reach the same performance  
levels without being racy, at least for the critical use cases.

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