Re: Consensus on the issue of deprecated APIs and sync decoding

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 8:16 PM, Joe Berkovitz <> wrote:

> 1. I propose that we should remove this section <
> from the spec, and any AudioContext implementation should not implement
> those names.  If we get consensus on this, I will create a porting guide
> documentation on MDN to help authors port their old content.  We can
> mention the monkey patching library etc in that article, and make it really
> useful for web developers.
> It seems to me that this section of the spec is already no more than a
> porting guide. I favor retaining it for a while because it makes the
> transition to the new names easier for developers, which I think we all
> want.
> Ideally MDN could also have a porting guide which I don't imagine would
> have very different content. Wouldn't having both be the best?
> Keeping historical notes in the spec seems weird.  I think that we should
move such content to developer documentation resources that we have.  The
content would need to be modified to frame it as a guide to port code
written against webkitAudioContext to code written against standards based
AudioContext, and include code samples, monkey patching code, etc.


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