Re: Sites using webkitAudioContext only

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:14 PM, Robert O'Callahan <>wrote:

> Over the years I've become less patient with holding out to fix the Web
> while other vendors profit from forging ahead. In many cases, holding out
> didn't make much difference in the end.

Hmm.  An impressively cynical statement, and I am a master cynic.

Look, I'm suggesting that we work together to correct this "profit" (i.e.,
remove it from our implementation, and work together on evangelism); that's
not been the modus operandi for many of the cases you're implicitly
referring to above, I think.

> A few bugs have been filed, but we haven't solicited testing of our
> implementation yet.

Indeed.  IIUC, it's only on nightlies thus far, and under a flag.  I still
tell people about the great work you guys are getting done every time I
talk about Web Audio, because I think cross-browser compatibility is the
best thing to drive web audio forward right now.

> Just for kicks I Googled for "Web Audio demo", visited the first page, and
> picked one random demo link:
> function initAudio() {
>   try {
>     audioContext = new webkitAudioContext();
>   }
>   catch(e) {
>     alert('Web Audio API is not supported in this browser');
>   }
> Honestly, the very first thing I tried. Not encouraging.

Yes.  I am a horrible coder, and I have a lot of side projects.  But maybe
point at something not done by me, and not written a year ago, before you
started your implementation. :)  (and last I checked, oscillators still
weren't there in firefox - please tell me I'm mistaken? - which kills the
synth completely anyway.)  Ehsan's submitted a PR or two that I've merged
in those demos, and I would nothing more to get them all working.  Being in
the middle of a major relocation (I'm literally writing this from a hotel
room mid-way between Seattle and Mountain View) has been a bit distracting.

I WILL get all my samples converted, and all the HTML5Rocks pages fixed,
and yes, my goal is to get all that done well before you intend to ship.


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