Re: FFT & IFFT with the Web Audio API

Well, it's a pity that the FFT code is hidden under the analyzer node.  
Like you, I'd like to be able to do FFT:ing for signal processing (both  
signal generation and filtering).

My original proposal was to rip the FFT part out of the analyzer node (it  
can just as well give the time domain signal only), and expose the FFT  
functionality in a JS interface instead. That way we would have the same  
functionality and performance for the analyzer node (when combined with  
the JS FFT interface), but the FFT primitive could be used in the  
ScriptProcessorNode too for a wide range of interesting effects (not to  
mention for using it for non-Web Audio stuff as well).

Unfortunately, this never happened.


Den 2013-06- 15:59:29 skrev Michael Weitnauer <>:

> Hi all,
> I wonder why you guys didn't implement a "real" or proper FFT and IFFT  
> method for the Web Audio API. I wanted to implement some signal  
> processing >stuff with the API as I recognized the lack of  getting  
> complex values buffers. From my understanding offering a real FFT and  
> IFFT method should be >quite simple as you definitively conduct a FFT  
> somewhere in the background.
> From my point of view, it would be a great benefit for the API and  
> future audio applications in browsers if there would be the (native)  
> possibility to apply >a FFT and IFFT as these are the main tools for  
> signal processing stuff as you all know. I'm quite sure you agree with  
> me in this point. Hence, I wonder if >there is a chance to include these  
> features in the API. Probably, you had a special reason for not  
> including a real general-prupose FFT and IFFT method?
> Best wishes,Michael
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