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Den 2013-05- 11:22:34 skrev Olivier Thereaux <>:

> Hi Chris, all
> On 09/05/2013 19:24, "Chris Rogers" <> wrote:
>> Unfortunately there's enough content out there using it that I cannot
>> recommend removing it from WebKit/Blink.
> Is the information about how many sites/apps using a given feature  
> public,
> or could it be made public? I am curious about the raw numbers - the
> notion that a feature is used "a lot" is very vague and makes me slightly
> ill at ease.
>> One notable one is which is a game library.
> It looks like Playcanvas is in trial mode at the moment, which would
> suggest that it doesn't yet have a massive user base.

Even if there's a massive user base, I would expect site/app authors to  
constantly update the engine to the latest version, especially when the  
engine is built on non-final APIs. That's the way the Web works -  
deployment is cheap.

For example, I've written stuff for WebGL a year ago that does not run  
well in browsers anymore (my guess is changes in GLSL translations) - if  
that was a public site (or at least something that was generating traffic  
or even revenue), I would have updated my code to reflect the changes in  
the latest versions of the browsers.


> There may be room to
> manoeuvre. We should probably try getting a line of communication with
> them and discuss the possibility that some features are still a moving
> target. For all we know they may be perfectly comfortable removing
> features if our group decides not to standardise them.
> I will reach out to them and see what happens.
> Olivier
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