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Good points.

I am still a little confused as to whether/how we should reference to e.g OpenAL as it is a library with software license and not exactly a standards spec, and it is still unclear to me how much the web audio API is borrowing from it.

Could you add issues in Bugzilla for each of the missing references? Ideally not as one bulk issue - atomic ones are easier to track and tackle.


On 18 May 2013, at 09:26, Frederick Umminger <> wrote:

> The current API spec has no references to any outside audio standards documents.
> But the down-mixing seems to be based on ITU-R BS.775 Annex 4.
> This should be listed as a normative reference.
> (But note that the up-mix from mono to stereo and quad is inconsistent with ITU-R BS.775)
> Much of the API is inspired by or based on OpenAL.
> The OpenAL API should be listed as an informative reference.
> The IRCAM HRTF database should be listed as either an informative or normative reference, depending on the final decision of its use.
> In addition, some sort of reference to a text or paper on spatial hearing should be listed as an informative reference to justify and explain the HRTF panner.
> Some sort of physics reference should be given for Doppler shifts and the default speed of sound.
> RBJ's EQ cookbook is referenced in the document, but is not listed in the references.
> I would supplement that with a reference that includes a bibliography, such as
> "Digital Audio Signal Processing" by Udo Zölzer, which covers the same standard EQ shapes.
> .
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>    Frederick

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