Next face to face meeting / show of hands for TPAC in Shenzen

Hi all,

I've had discussion with some of you in the past few months about where our next face-to-face meeting should be.

Our options include the following two:

1. Have a face-to-face meeting in the US (East Coast?) this fall

2. Go to TPAC (11-15 Nov in Shenzen) -

If we plan to do the latter, we need to tell the W3C before May 7th.

I get the impression that 1. would be more likely to get us the right critical mass of participants. That said, it would be good to have a presence at TPAC, even if we don't have a meeting there.

Could I have a show of hands from people who would be interested in going to TPAC if we are not having a f2f meeting there?

Thoughts and ideas welcome.

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