[Minutes] W3C Audio Teleconference, 2013-04-25

Dear all,

The raw minutes of our teleconference yesterday are online:

Kudos to Chris Lowis for the great scribing. The topics of our meeting were:

* Clarify the definition of various time-related values

We discussed the issue largely documented so far in

Joe explained that the latency makes audioContext.current_time unusable to sync scheduled sounds with visual things that are happening outside of the audio graph. There was agreement that a way to query latency (with a reasonable error margin) and translation methods from time to context time and vice versa should solve the issue for most use cases. Joe will document the discussion and decision on Bug 20698.

* "finished" event on AudioBufferSourceNode and OscillatorNode

Continuing the discussion started on the mailing list (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-audio/2013JanMar/thread.html#msg431) we discussed adding a "finished" event to AudioBufferSourceNode and OscilatorNode. We talked about consistency with other APIs, which seem to favour the "ended" term.

There was agreement to go ahead with this change, and with leaving it to the implementor to decide what to do if there are no listeners.

Chris Rogers agrees in principle with removing playback state as a result, but wants to look at whether it has been widely used before making a final decision.

* MDN Web Audio Doc

Ehsan pointed to the new doc over at MDN: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web_Audio_API
They are still under construction and Ehsan wishes to check them in more detail before announcing to e.g. the audio dev community group, but contribution and review are welcome.

* ScriptProcessorNode testing

Ehsan also mentioned some recent work on testing for the ScriptProcessorNode. This logically led to a discussion about OfflineAudioContext - which is very useful for testing but still not quite specified to the right level to be implemented in Mozilla, according to Ehsan. There was agreement to focus on OfflineAudioContext in the next couple of weeks.

Next Meeting: 9th May 2013, same time


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