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I think that what we're missing is a consistent use/definition of "unit". For
instance, the comment for speedOfSound could read:

"in units / second (default 343.3)"

But then we should define the term "units" somewhere in the spec.

In Open Dynamic Engine (ODE), for instance, the units are undefined:
"Technically, ODE doesn't use specific units. You can use anything you wish, as
long as you stay consistent with yourself." (the manual also recommends that
you use SI units since that typically implies that you're "consistent with
yourself"). In the ODE manual, you can find language such as "If a sphere of
size 1 has to roll over a polygon a 1000 units long...".

Perhaps a good solution to the problem would be to introduce a short section in
the spec about units, and then refer to things such as speed in terms of
"units" (i.e. units / second).

Side note: Technically, "seconds" could also be "units of time", but on the
other hand we already use seconds in many places in the spec, so I think it's
safe to always use/mandate seconds for time.

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