[Bug 20698] Need a way to determine AudioContext time of currently audible signal


--- Comment #21 from Chris Wilson <cwilso@gmail.com> ---
Gah.  That's not what the current title asks for - average latency is a fine
thing to want to know, but it doesn't address the precise synchronization need
I'd mentioned in the email at the top of this message that would let authors
synchronize MIDI and audio, or on-screen and audio.  I think the errors would
quite possibly be audible, for MIDI (because you can hear a < 16ms error, even
if you can't see it), depending on how frequently JS code could be called with
the same currentTime (related to block size? I'm not sure, given what Ehsan
said about their processing mechanism, that you wouldn't be able to see visual
sync errors with only average latency, if the block processing is >16.7ms on a
slow system.).

I'd suggest a title of "Need to expose average latency of system", and then
I'll go file the "Need to expose time stamp of currentTime" issue that is
necessary for synchronization with MIDI.  I'd actually rather have this bug
represent that issue, given the long background thread, but I can link them.

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