Re: HTML WG thread on "background" audio in browser

Please also consider [1], as a prolongation on Wes's work.

Basically, we (Mounir and I) found that Wes's proposal was not covering
all the use cases we needed, so we built upon his proposal to cover a
broader spectrum of applications. Our proposal also includes latency
considerations, targeted at WebAudio and WebRTC.

Supporting WebAudio should be pretty straightfoward (say, setting an
attribute on the context).

I think that the use cases listed are well suited for web audio, but if
you disagree, feel free to comment.



On 04/10/2013 02:25 PM, Olivier Thereaux wrote:
> You may have seen this thread already - it's copied on both the HTML WG list and the WHAT-WG: a discussion on how/whether to allow tabs in the background to play audio.
> I initially thought such things were at a completely different level than what we are doing with web audio, but talks of using "attributes for media elements" rings an alarm bell as it would not include anything generated by/with the web audio API.
> Thread here:
> Proposal here:
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> Olivier
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