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> I didn't see any responses to my OfflineAudioContext proposals earlier in
> this week, but I want to highlight one point in particular that is
> troubling to me as an implementor and may require some thought as this
> feature is speced.
> A synthesis graph for for a piece music may contain literally thousands of
> audio sources, scheduled to turn on and off for the many notes in the
> piece. Normally the graph doesn't contain all of these at once. Instead the
> graph is replenished on a timer-driven basis (examining
> AudioContext.currentTime) to ensure that there are always enough sources to
> cover the next N seconds of music to be played.
> In the offline case this isn't possible because there are no interim
> points in the rendering process at which to replenish the graph. The entire
> graph must be built in advance and then rendered in bulk.
> Question: Is the size of such graph an inherent problem with the offline
> rendering API as currently constituted?

We've stressed it in moderate ways and it seems fine.  I doubt it should be
an issue, but you could try some experiments...

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