Re: Discrepancy in the definition of calculateNormalizationScale

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 3:09 PM, Ehsan Akhgari <>wrote:

> The calculateNormalizationScale function in the spec has been copied
> verbatim from the WebKit source code, and the WebKit function has changed
> since then <
> If these changes have been intentional, they should be reflected in the
> spec.  Otherwise we should probably file a WebKit bug to revert them.

Hi Ehsan, the only differences I can see are that the WebKit code is using
an optimized function vsvesq() and is using "GainCalibration = -58" as a
decibel value (later converted to scalar value) which is essentially
identical to "GainCalibration = 0.00125" in the spec.

I could be missing something, so am happy to change things as necessary...

> Also, it seems like that function is specific to an AudioContext with a
> sampling rate of 44100.  If that is the case, the function in the spec
> should be reworded to use AudioContext.sampleRate instead.

The code works with an AudioContext of any sample-rate.  The 44100 is a
reference sample-rate, but the actual sample-rate is taken into account.
 What's not really clearly stated in the spec is that the .buffer attribute
must be set to an AudioBuffer of the same sample-rate as the AudioContext.
 That's a quick fix I can do right now...  The good news is that
decodeAudioData() will return an AudioBuffer of this sample-rate, so things
just work out.

> Thanks!
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